About the Lectureship

What is SAIL?

The Southern Africa International Lectureship
The church of Christ lectureship, currently held over the Easter weekend every year, has been going on for more than thirty (30) years. It was started after brethren felt the need to meet and have fellowship at a time when most people will be off from work whilst schools are on recess. The time was suitable as it is almost a universal holiday period throughout Southern Africa. It is not because we keep "Good Friday." For we remember Jesus Christ and proclaim His death every Sunday when we partake of the Lord's Supper. I Corinthians 11:23-26; Acts 20:7

With time, the lectureship has grown to be a big event. This is obviously welcomed as it affords an opportunity for more Christians to have fellowship. However, such a growth poses numerous organisational and financial challenges.

The lectureship is hosted in different regions and countries every year. To achieve uniformity whilst avoiding lowering the standard of this great event, it has become necessary to develop guidelines that could be of great help to those congregations intending to host the lectureship. The guidelines are merely suggestions that should be considered. These guidelines are being developed from past experiences.

History of the Lectureship
Way back in the late sixties of the twentieth century, the following brethren met to discuss the possibility of starting the lectureship: Tex Williams, Ian Fair, Samson Peters Henry Mndaweni, David Mkhathini

In the early stages the lectureship was hosted by the churches in Pietermaritzburg, thereafter, other regions started to participate in hosting the event. A list of those who hosted the event is attached in Annexure A at the end of this document.

The purpose of the Lectureship
Lectureship is an event that is designed to bring all Christians together for fellowship, edifications, and spiritual uplift-ment. It is an event designed to help us build and maintain our unity in Christ Jesus and not to divide the body of Christ.